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You need to clean your winter jacket! And here’s why…

Don’t Neglect the Ones you Love

Show your winter wardrobe faves some love and keep them alive for a few more years…

When winter clothes get pulled out from the back of the cupboard after a long summer in storage you suddenly find yourself staring at the memories of a winter whirlwind through the remnants of spilled beer, dried food drips, missing buttons and a lining tear or two. Not to mention those holes in your winter jacket pockets from digging your hands in deep to fight off the chill…

So what’s a man to do when faced with the remnants of a party or few? 

Stuff the offending items back into the cupboard and head to the shops? Throw them in the washing machine – which has already chewed up many a best loved jumper – and hope for the best? Find the Mrs and hope you’ve earned enough Brownie points for some button fixing? Or just keep on wearing said items until they disintegrate or start offending people with their smell?

Nope. Nada. No.

None of the above is your winning answer.

Make friends with your local dry-cleaner and never have a winter wardrobe fail again.

That’s the winner.

A wise man takes ownership of his clothing; is respectful of his appearance; and has his dry-cleaner on speed dial!

Top Tips for Looking After your Clothes

Day to Day

Fix the small things: don’t let little repairs and alterations get ignored. The more regularly you take care of the small things, the easier (and cheaper) it will be to maintain the life of your favourite clothes. If you can’t do it yourself, just take it to a professional!

Polish your shoes: even if it’s just a quick buff once or twice a week with one of those handy sponges, your shoes will thank you in the long run.

Pick up an iron: there may be a lot of non-iron fabrics out there these days, but nothing beats the look of a freshly ironed shirt. It will help keep the shape of those t-shirts you can’t live without too…

Storing your Clothes

Invest in wooden hangers: metal hangers can permanently damage your clothes, especially when you hang more delicate items such as jumpers on them. Help keep the shape of your winter jackets by hanging them on wider wooden hangers.

Use wooden shoe trees: want to get more than a couple of years out of those leather shoes that cost you a fair bit? Then pop shoes trees in them when not being worn, they’ll keep the shape of your shoe and absorb excess moisture than can lead to stinky feet.

Don’t let the moths get in: if you have any wool or silk in your wardrobe – yup, check the label of that super warm jumper or winter coat – then you’ve got to keep the moths away. Avoid the smell of moth balls and use a natural repellent containing cedar, lavender, rosemary or cloves. And keep dry-cleaned woolens away from un-clean ones, the dry-cleaning process kills the moth eggs, but doesn’t protect your clothes from future attack.

Cleaning your Clothes

Hand wash occasionally: if your want that jumper to last, then whip it out of the washing machine and into a wash basin. A short warm soak, followed by a good rinse and squeeze, is all that it needs to keep it clean.

Hang dry: extreme heat and tumbling can destroy your clothing. That lint you pull out of the filter of your tumble dryer? Yup, that’s tiny bits of your clothes as they slowly get ripped apart. Nuff said.

Dry cleaners are your friends: don’t have the time to do your washing? Then get someone else to do it for you! And those nasty stains that you think will never come out… Think again! Dry-cleaners can be wizards at refreshing garments you thought you may never be able to wear again.

Winter Special Basic Winter Jackets elaundry Dry-Clean Special

Follow the top tips above for keeping a man’s winter wardrobe living to tell the tale next year.

To extend the life of your clothes even further, clean your winter jacket, jumper, overcoats and more at elaundry – Brisbane’s Best Dry Cleaner! We can help you with clothes mending, garment refreshing, alterations, leather re-conditioning, your washing and your ironing! Phew!! We can even deliver direct to your door too, with our Valet Delivery Service.

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