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Clever Leather Cleaning

By August 20, 2015Leather, Tips & Tricks

Leather is for the Clever we say in the professional dry cleaning industry.

leather jacket Callvm groovy man art gallery

Best ever cleaned Leather jacket wearing 2015 man at GOMA art gallery Brisbane

Leather cleaning is a skill of the few, only the masters of dry-cleaning can confidently clean leather and elaundry is proud to say we love leather!

Marina, our specialist DryCleaner, is leather trained and proud of the skills she has in removing stains and ensuring your garment is fresh and pressed, making all of our elaundry clients very happy to have her cleaning daily! OK, so she does have some time off yet elaundry is open 7 days at Stones Corner and 6 days at Clayfield to keep you all impressively pressed ( say that 3 times fast!).

elaundry can clean leather and suede jackets, pants, bags, shoes, luggage tags and even bean bags like Restoration Hardware New York did last season, with such detail though we do need some time to produce such an amazing finish. Leather takes time to slowly dry as it cannot be agitated at all meaning it cannot go into a mechanical drying process hence must air dry be it on a flat or a suspended surface, article construction depending. That is partly why we have such a high celling in our factory so that we can get our clients garments up high in the sky to dry undisturbed! Looks eerie somedays like an alternative universe of garments talking to each other…

Actually, we have been asked many times how to clean leather and though it is both a calculated risk and time consuming, it can actually be a pleasure to do and even more so once it is done and proudly worn. Hence, in my next blog I am going to write out step by step an easy Leather Cleaning 101 and How To Guide so as to keep giving what elaundry always proudly gives and that is free cleaning advice.

Knowledge is empowering when shared.
tm x

BTW My son Callvm (pictured wearing navy leather jacket at GOMA) can engrave on leather too, monograms, initials, names, logos…www.grandengrave.com.au ensuring your leather is the ultimate personal reflection of you as this image is a reflection of his out there personality that makes his mum so proud. Come and see Callvm’s engraving at our Reception Room Clayfield for an Elegant Home Life!