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Handy Tips: Green Living

Martha Stewart queen of home and living, has inspired us to collate a list for all our elaundry lovers on how to go green, save energy and save money!

Bring Back Cloth Napkins

On average, each American uses a staggering 2,200 paper napkins a year, none of which are recycled.

Yes this is an American figure, however we Australians are just as guilty of using paper napkins to fix spills and to have to hand for dinner guests.

So in turn why not reduce waste (and deforestation) by choosing cloth instead? Cloth napkins look sophisticated upon the dinner table and are of course re-usable. And because we love them so much, elaundry stocks them in our online store and they can even be custom embroidered!

You might even boost your mindful eating quotient: It’s much easier to linger over dinner with the table set the old-fashioned way.

Try Reusable Towels

Paper towels cause waste, yet in 2012 waste and consumption are still our two main offenders against the planet – even if you stick to the recycled brands.

So why not try microfiber towels? They grip dirt and dust like a magnet and don’t let go. After use, toss the towels into the laundry and reuse over and over again!

Cut Down on Microwave Usage


There are a few simple guidelines to follow to make microwave use safer and energy efficient, including avoiding certain plastics when reheating.

Use the microwave infrequently, if at all. Microwave ovens do leak radiation, but at very low levels that the FDA and most scientists believe are harmless.

Eco Shopping Bags

Take a recycled pillowcase bag to the store or farmers’ market and cut down on plastic usage! It will surprise you how as a result very little plastics will build up in your household!

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