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Read on to find out how to clean your beloved J Brand Jeans.

j brand jeans care instructions

Recently Toni-Maree, owner of elaundry, purchased a pair of stunning J Brand Jeans. These jeans are absolutely gorgeous and look amazing on but, when looking at the care instructions Toni-Maree immediately noticed that there may be some difficulties when it came to the cleaning of these particular jeans.

According to their care instructions – which are also available on the J Brand website:

“To maintain coating, minimal environmentally friendly dry cleaning is recommended.”

So we thought we would pass on our knowledge and let you know how best to take care of your much loved denim items…


  • Before the first few washings, the indigo dye may rub off on light-colored fabric, upholstery and leather, so use care when wearing your jeans.

  • With repeated wearing and washing, the indigo color will pleasantly fade.

  • Do not wash or dry indigo garments with white or light colors.

  • To make the color last longer, wash inside out with cold water and like colors.

  • For a worn, quick fade, wash right side out with cold water and like colors.

  • Tumble dry low and remove promptly.

  • Do not iron.