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Never underestimate the power of a woman with a sewing machine!

By September 5, 2016Alterations, Seamstress

Tailoring & Made-to-Measure Services by elaundry

Our seamstress Dianne is a wizard on the sewing machine, as one of her latest series of pieces for a client of ours shows…

Seamstress Dianne with Blouses

A little while back a client of ours came in with a blouse that she wanted our seamstress Dianne to make a copy of. At the time of making the pattern from this blouse Dianne made a few alterations to the design – such as the ruching – so as to enhance some of its qualities. The piece that Dianne ultimately created was loved so much by our client that she recently came in with three new fabrics for Dianne to make up in the same design!

This time round, the beautifully patterned cotton that Dianne had to work with was to be a test of her tailoring skills: for these made-to-measure garments to look as fabulous as they possibly could the intricate patterns would need to line up along all seams, button holes and collars.

Never doubting Dianne’s expert dress-making techniques, we must say that even all of us here at elaundry were truly overjoyed at the impressive results.

The patterns on the fabrics were perfectly aligned on the final blouses. Attention to detail was to be found at every little inspection – from the buttons and panels to how the pattern lined up when the collar was fastened. For just $120 per blouse (fabric and accessories customer’s own) we think that the value was exceptional too.

Needless to say, our client was one very happy lady when she came to collect the finished garments! And she most certainly isn’t the first person to be blown away by the expertise of our tailoring and made-to-measure services.

How can our Tailoring and Alteration Services be of use to you?

  • Seen a dress or suit in a magazine that you love and would like to have one of your very own? Then bring in a picture of it and our seamstresses can talk to you about re-creating it made-to-measure.
  • Have favourite tops, trousers or dresses that you wear so often it would be great to have more in the same style but different colours? Then bring in the garment to elaundry and we can make up a pattern from the existing item to then make for you in a fabric of your choice.
  • Need a pair of trousers to be taken up? Or a skirt to be taken in? Our tailors and seamstresses are able to help you with any alterations you may need.
  • Does your beloved cashmere jumper have a hole in it? Then talk to us about our invisible mending services – or even better, come in to our Stones Corner or Clayfield Brisbane stores to take a look at examples of how we can make your holes disappear!
  • Come into one of our Brisbane stores and have a chat with us today if you’d like to discuss any made-to-measure or alteration services that you may need.