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Tried & Tested: Cinderella Stain Remover

By September 13, 2013Uncategorized

Product Tester: Felicia

Monday mornings at elaundry are filled with phone calls about dresses worn out on the weekend that now are coloured brown, fake tan being the number one culprit!

Of course choosing a professional dry clean removes fake tan with ease, teamed with special care from our team and a good press ensures the dress is like new again! However if you are one of the many who enjoy wearing a fake tan and white, it can become a daily fight to clean garments with fake tan.

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As a fake tan wearer myself I was nominated to be the new test run take home bunny for Cinderella’s Stain Remover.

Firstly, I would like to point out that the smell of this product instantly takes me to summer days drinking pina coladas by the pool, how could you not love it!

Garment One:

White Cotton Tee: Yes very simple but one of my wardrobe staples! Tan marks always end up on the arms of the tee.

The Direction: Test on a small discrete surface area before commencing to ascertain suitability. Can be used on Carpet, (wow, I can attack those nasty red wine stains left from last christmas!) upholstery, clothing fabric. Spray the offending stain then rinse with a damp cloth using a light dabbing motion. Do not rub the stain. Advanced stains may need extra application.

What I Do: So with the instructions I spray two sprays onto the affected area. Dab with a cloth and water, the tan marks suddenly disappear. I throw the tee in the wash, hang to dry. The following day the tan marks are gone.

Garment Two:

A Strapless Cocktail Dress Worn only twice, there is one very noticeable tan mark around the top of the dress, it could also be bronzer there as well. Please don’t judge!

What I Do: I start to think that if I drench the bodice of the dress with the stain remover and leave it to sit for five minutes I wont have to dab out the stain as much. Five minutes pass….. the stain still appears. So I roll my sleeves up and get dabbing. 10 minutes of dabbing and the stain is less severe, I spray more stain remover and leave for another 5 minutes, the stain disappeared. I soak the dress in water and leave to air dry.

I pressed the dress and there were no more tan marks. (Until the next outing of course!)


The product smells great, can be used on all different types of fabric and the best thing of all, it doesn’t contain any nasty chemicals. No bleach, just plant based stain removing ingredients. The label also says its 100% people proof however I’m not sure it is boyfriend friendly. Just in case I have left it conveniently out for him to try haha….

Dry Cleaning


Purchase from our online shop today and try Cinderella Multi Purpose Spray for yourself, plus add your review if you love this product too!

If stain removal is just not your thing simpy bring your garment into elaundry we will look after your after everything for you!

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