Nutra Organics Collagen Beauty with Verisol + C

Nutra Organics Collagen Beauty with Verisol + C (12G Sachet)


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Collagen Beauty is a unique opportunity to create wellness from the inside out with VERISOL® Bioactive Collagen Peptides.

Collagen is often left out in modern diets because it is not present in lean cuts of meat, but rather bones, joints, and other various connective tissues. This type of collagen is classed as type I and type III collagen. These “non-desirable” parts of an animal were traditionally consumed on a regular basis by our ancestors, particularly to make meals go further in winter and to provide nutrition that is otherwise unavailable in lean meats.

This Collagen Beauty is only the good stuff – pure type I and III collagen protein that fully dissolves in hot or cold liquid whilst maintaining it’s benefits. Flavourless and odourless, Collagen Beauty can easily be mixed into sweet things like smoothies, chia puddings, rolled into bliss balls or baked into banana bread. Added to savoury foods like bone broth, soups and sauces. You can even add it to hot drinks like tea and coffee.

So what else is in Collagen Beauty to get your glow on?

  • Vitamin C – Collagen Beauty is a good source of Vitamin C which will contribute to normal collagen formation whilst supporting the regular function of skin & connective tissue.
  • Zinc – to contribute to maintaining normal skin structure and to support wound healing. Furthermore, Zinc is an essential mineral that is necessary for the maintenance of normal hair and nail structure. This is due to its role as a co-factor for regular protein synthesis.​
  • Horsetail Herb – Equisetum arvense otherwise known as Horsetail is a potent herb traditionally utilised in western herbal modalities.

Serving Suggestion:  Mix 12 g (2 scoops) daily into any liquid of your choice – from smoothies to soups. Collagen Beauty is flavourless, odourless, and completely dissolves in hot and cold liquid.

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Product Description

Ingredients: Hydrolysed Collagen, VERISOL®, Horsetail, Camu Camu (Vitamin C), Guava (Zinc).

The nitty gritty on Verisol®…

What differentiates types of collagen is the way they are enzymatically hydrolysed. There are specific enzymes that break down each collagen peptide chain into different final molecular weight profiles.  This results in different remaining peptide chains within the collagen powder (so all amino acids are the same it is the length of the chains and the different terminal ends of the chains that are important to each of the collagen peptide products).

*All Collagen in this product is from a bovine source (cow).

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