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Grow your Business: Become an elaundry Agent Today!

increase your revenue // grow your client base // stand out from your competitors

How can being an elaundry Agent help my business?

You will have the opportunity to increase your customers’ dollar per spend, optimise your lead generation and build foot traffic.

You will become a stakeholder in innovation, capturing a progressive and niche customer demographic, because elaundry is the only the only laundry company in Queensland to offer Sensitive Skin Dry Cleaning, an earth and skin friendly alternative.

You will be able to offer specialised services to your clients that you may otherwise have been unable to provide.

How does it work?

All you need is space in your window for a sign, a spot for a rack in your store and an agency book from us.

We take care of the clients, the cleaning, the database and the marketing.

You benefit from an increase in foot traffic and revenue.

Don’t waste time waiting for washing! Simply collect up your clients’ washing (pyjamas, blankets, sheets, mats etc) and drop off all your loads to us at the end of your day.

We do all the hard work: removing stains, mending holes and professionally cleaning all items.

You earn money on each load as well as grow your income by having time in your day to service more clients.

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