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Care Label Test Washes for Designers & Students

What is a Fabric Sample Test?

Fabric Sample Tests are used by clothing designers and manufacturers in the pre- and post-production of garments in order to test and confirm their care labelling. For this service a small fabric sample, a clothing sample range or a full designer range can be tested for how it stands up to washing, dry-cleaning and even its cleaning lifespan.

Examples of how people use this service include wanting a colour-fast process to be done or needing shrinkage to occur so that a garment can be labelled cold wash only.

Designers, such as Brisbane based Sacha Drake, religiously use our fabric tests, hot wash and drying services to ensure garments are fit for sale.

What is the Fabric Test Process?

Once you have decided upon which fabrics you are using and would like to have test cleaned, simply grab a couple of swatches (eg the size of 1/2 a DL flyer) and bring them in to us. The first swatch will be washed, the second swatch will be dry-cleaned. You can also give us a third swatch, which will be cleaned until it “dies” to test its longevity. This extra process includes drying and pressing each time too.

These initial Fabric Tests are great for providing you with an initial care labelling guide, however once you have created the full garments or clothing range we recommend that you do the same tests again for the full garment. The same test process will be done on all the trimmings and linings too eg. zips, buttons, inner and outer accessories.

Your Fabric Test Report

Once your Care Label Fabric Test has been completed we can provide you with a report detailing each process that was taken and the subsequent effects on your fabric or garment. We will also provide you with our recommendation for the care labelling of your fabric or garment.

Example Fabric Test Report

How Much Does it Cost?

Prices vary depending on the type and size of your fabric sample, as well as what you would like to test for.

As a guide, we start at the following prices per square metre of fabric to be tested: silk $19.95, denim $17.95, cotton $14.95, other $19.95.

Please contact us directly for a quote for your Fabric Test.

Who can get a Fabric Test Wash Done?

Anyone! Fashion students, clothing designers, fashion labels and even at home sewing enthusiasts are all welcome to submit fabric samples for test washing.

Bring in Your Samples Today

If you have any further questions about this service please contact us at: [email protected]

Care Label Fabric Test Cleaning for Designers Students