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elaundry can help with your Insurance Claims for Fire & Water Damaged garments and household laundry

We provide restoration services for laundry and dry-cleanable garments that have been affected by water and fire damage. We dry-clean and launder clothes affected to bring them back to life, including those heavily mouldy and extremely odourous from exposure to smoke or heavy dampness.

We treat these smelly garments with our professional cleaning liquids and enhanced deodorisers for a like new finish. The types of garments and laundry items we can clean include:

  • General everyday clothing including delicate underwear and sports wear
  • Work uniforms and corporate wear including wool suits, women’s dresses and scarves
  • Kitchen and bedroom manchester including doonas, mattress protectors and pet beds
  • Curtains, flexible rugs and cushion covers
  • Animal skins and fur (air gun steam cleaned)
  • Plush toys
  • Shoes
  • Leather garments and some leather accessories

If your home has been affected by fire or water and your contents covered by your Home & Contents, call us today on 3394 2488 for a quote. We are happy to provide an in house quote on laundry, dry-cleaning and specialty items so you can continue enjoying your favourite garments and accessories cleaned and refreshed.