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elaundry’s Queensland team of expert formal dry cleaners are formal and evening wear specialists who clean and press hundreds of delicate silks and chiffons every week. Our team pay impeccable attention to detail, follows all care instructions and launders your dress as if it were their own.

Whether you plan to store your dress until it’s next outing, or sell it on, elaundry will guarantee a faultless result.

Before Purchasing

Tips and Tricks

As well as being QLD’s formal dress dry cleaning experts, we are able to provide tips and tricks before and after cleaning to ensure your evening dress stands the test of time. Go to our Advice Pages for more info.

Before purchasing a dress, ask yourself – is it cleanable? If a dress has excess embellishments or a particularly delicate fabric, there may be extra cleaning costs involved. elaundry strives to keep all designs in perfect condition, at the lowest cost. However, it pays to be be mindful of the following:

  • Have you researched the designer? It is imperative to find out whether a particular designer has a good track record for creating long-lasting, beautiful designs with premier fabrics. Have a look on the Drycleaning Insitute of Australia;
  • Are sequins, beads and other embellishments glued or sewn on? Glue can undo during wear and with some cleaning solutions;
  • Does the fabric care tag specify a specialist dry cleaner? Dresses with fine fabrics may incur high costs for cleaning;
  • Is the fabric colour fast? Gowns with two different coloured fabrics may run when damp. Ask the retailer about fabrication or bring your dress to elaundry for a quick, safe and 100% free colour fastness test;
  • Can you sit down in your gown? If you can’t go past a particular design but struggle to move around in it, a quick seam adjustment by our alterations lady could make a big difference;
  • Does the gown sit high under your arms? If a dress is cut high in the armpit, perspiration could weaken the fibres of the dress and cause colour fade.
  • Could you tailor an old dress to save money? If you have old bridesmaid dresses or formal dresses that you’ve got laying around – add new life to them and save money by getting them tailored by our excellent seamstresses.

Before Wear

How do the celebrities look so fabulous for their special occasions? elaundry wants to ensure you look your very best on your big night, so provides alterations and pressings, as well as the Hollywood Fashion and Party Feet product ranges.

The ‘Perfect Fit’: A quick alteration to the dress can transform a store bought dress into a haute couture show-stopper for very little cost. Our team of tailors can change the fit of the dress, sew on decoractive embellishments, and alter lengths.

Gowns are Crinkle-free: elaundry can press your divine dress at a very reasonable price the day before, so your dress is crease-free and looking it’s finest when the time calls.

A Bumpless Silhouette: elaundry carries the essential Hollywood Fashion range, which includes Hollywood Tape, Hollywood Shapes and comfortable bra solutions for a smooth figure and a dress that stays up.

elaundry also stocks Party Feet – gel cushions for the heel and ball of your foot to ease aching pains from new heels.

Wear & Tear

At elaundry, we understand that stains do occur. Be ready to combat dirt & grime quickly and effectively by keeping a Hollywood Stain Remover pen in your handbag or glovebox. For those big stains, there are some culprits that must be removed the day after before they set into the fabric. These include:

  • Soft drink & cordial – especially red coloured!
  • Fake tan
  • Mud
  • Rum, bourbon and coloured spirits
  • Red wine
  • Lipstick and foundation
  • Underarm deodorant marks
  • Perspiration

Bring the gown immediately to elaundry for a consultation and clean.

Please note: Try as we might, there are some issues that cannot be solved. These include worn threads on fine fabrics from accessories rubbing against your side, broken threads in knits and open weaves, and machine-sewn strands of sequins that unravel in metres.

Special Offers

NEW Bride Boxes: The best gift to give a Bride and her Groom! Comes with everything they need to keep their wedding clothes and accessories in top condition for their special day! Have a look at the Mini Trix Bride Box or the Posh Bride Box.

Valet Delivery: If you’re feeling worse for wear the day after but your dress is screaming for TLC, SMS 0438 80 80 80 or email [email protected] to arrange for our valet pick up and delivery service to come to you.

Handbag & Shoe Cleaning: At elaundry, we can clean handbags and shoes, as well as repair broken or discoloured heels.

Embroidery: Embroidered day and dates of attendees on the lining of formal dresses is the current trend for the formal elite, and looks divine too. Or, if there’s an unsightly pull in the fabric we can embroider a disguising design right on top.

Fabric Treatments: We also offer special treatments like silk finishes to restore colours and softness.

Preferential Service: A selection of vouchers are included as part of the formal dress package so your table can have their gowns and suits dry cleaned at a reduced cost. Also, we will provide emergency 24-hour contact if stains are extreme. Simply text us!

Gown Storage Solutions: Whether you plan on selling your dress, sharing it with a friend or relative, or donating it to a worthy school such as Southside Education, it is imperative to store the dress properly. At elaundry we stock long, lightweight gown bags with a clear outer and a front zip so you can admire your dress from afar while ensuring the dress is protected from mould, insects and stale smells. Available instore for only $9.95.

For a firm quote, send a photo of your dress to [email protected]

Price List

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