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The Monogram Home: Embroidery,  Monogramming and Engraving

bath & bed linen embroidery // industry & uniform embroidery // embroidered gifts // table linen embroidery

At elaundry we provide a bespoke embroidery, monogramming and engraving service for our clients, creating many beautiful designs that are applicable to a range of items including table linen, towels, bathrobes, bed linen, homeware and much much more.

  • Get inspired at The Monogram Home Clayfield (next door to elaundry).
  • Drop off / collect your items at either of our Brisbane stores.
  • Get our Valet Service to do all the leg work for you.

* We can even turn your embroidery into engraving! *

Embroidery Prices

Initials: Have 4 letters monogrammed from $28.95.

Name or Text: Starting at $34.95 for up to 20 characters embroidered.

Logos: Embroidery starting from $34.95, for a single colour.

Linen Handkerchiefs: From $39.95 for a small handkerchief including a name embroidered.

**Please Note: There is a flat-rate Framing & Set Up charge of $10 applied to all embroidery jobs.

Email for a Quote

Design Options

Fonts & Colours: Here are our Font Options. Special fonts may be requested for a nominal fee. We have a range of colours and hues to choose from in store.

24-48 hour turnaround is available on most embroideries. Please contact us directly for any urgent order. Optional services such as starching are also available.

Stitching: All stitching is done using Full Shine Poly Rayon thread in Satin Stitch. Please ask us about Tatami stitching (see below) and Pure Cotton Matt Thread options.

Wreath, Crest and Other Designs

We have many designs available: View the Wreath Designs and Frame Designs.

Multiples: We can give you a quick price on multiples, current deals and offers simply email us.

Artwork and Design: We can digitise your design with pricing bound merely by complexity, usually $99 one-off fee.

Corporate & Retail Monogramming

Would you like to stock and sell monogrammed products, or refer your clients to us? Embroidery services are great for clothing retailers, wedding planners, formal dress shops, homeware and gift shops, conference centres and funeral homes.

Contact us today for more information.

Business/Uniform Embroidery

Success starts with customisation! Enjoy standing out in your company by adding embroidered initials to your cuff of any business shirt.

Embroider four initials, no more than one inch in length and no more than an inch in height. Choose from 30 different cotton colours. Your choice, left or right hand side cuffs. Additional details to be extra. Drop in Monday night, ready Tuesday afternoon, so the shirt will be pressed and ready to wear by Wednesday!

Drop in or pick up via valet service, Monday to Friday, TXT 0488 30 30 30.

Tatami stitches are laid down in a pattern similar to that of a basket weave, as opposed to Satin stitches which are done in a loop fashion. This difference means that embroidery done using Tatami stitching is less liable to catch or get threads accidentally pulled out. This enhanced durability makes it a great stitch option for items such as linen table napkins.

Classic Gold vs Metallic Gold: Both types of gold thread look spectacular when embroidered, but it’s worth keeping in mind that metallic gold thread tends to stretch in the machine, causing many thread breaks. This is why on average, metallic gold embroidery costs around $10 more. Metallic gold thread also has a limited life in the cleaning process unless the item is only ever hand washed, therefore if choosing metallic gold please consider how often your item will need to be washed and whether it can easily be done by hand.