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The Best Motorcycle Helmet & Leather Cleaning in Brisbane

Is your motorcycle helmet in need of a clean? Does your riding kit smell a bit funky? At elaundry we can thoroughly clean the inside of your motorbike helmet, deodorise it, and make it like new again. We also offer  clean and re-conditioning services for your motorcycle leathers.

Regular cleaning and maintenance of your motorcycle helmet and motorbike leathers will extend the life of your much loved kit. When you bring your riding kit in to us we will clean and restore it completely by hand, giving each item the individual care it needs to bring it back to life.

If you would like more information on cleaning your specific motorcycle gear, please contact us and we will guide you on the right treatment for your items.

Motorcycle Helmet Clean

Bring in your motorcycle helmet today and we’ll freshen it up for you in time for your next ride!

Same day by appointment. Not available weekends.

Motorcycle Leathers Cleaning Brisbane

Your motorcycle riding kit gets exposed to the elements on a regular basis, with the sun, wind and rain taking their toll, therefore it’s essential that your kit is looked after regularly.

We are experts in cleaning leather and restoring leather. Your motorcycle leathers will be cleaned and re-conditioned on-site by our specialist cleaners. We also have a team dedicated to repairs and alterations, so let us know if you need anything repaired too!

Contact us today to keep your cherished kit in the best possible condition. Email [email protected], ring (07) 3868 1311, or come in to one of our stores.

More about our Leather Cleaning Services