Do: Carry a Stain Removal Pen

Removing stains as soon as they happen is your first priority, so keeping a stain removal pen on hand is paramount. But you also must remember to SCRAPE OFF THE RESIDUE! Use whatever is on hand, although a butter knife is preferable. Once the residue has been cleaned away, you can assess how far the stain has penetrated your fabric fibres. For minor stains, follow the stain removal pen instructions, which involves applying the pen and wiping off excess. For serious stains, treat immediately following our stain removal tips.

Plan B: Wet wipes i.e. pure alcohol ones (NOT lanolin) also provide an easy remedy for combating stains as they happen.

Read and Understand Care Labels

We’ve compiled a list of care labels from drying to dry cleaning and everything in between. Make sure you read and understand the care labels on your clothes BEFORE washing – they’re there for a reason!

Top, Top Tip: Print out a small copy for your purse when shopping. Really look at the care labels on clothes BEFORE you purchase, and be wary of investing in hard-to-care for pieces.

Plan B: Give up on reading, bag up your laundry and text elaundry on 0480 80 80 for a pick up.

Understand Labels, but also do your homework

Did you know that designers LOVE their garments and have staff that want to know when your garment’s don’t clean well (they may even exchange them!) This means they can take them off the shelves, and relabel. You can be proud that you’ve helped many others looked pressed & dressed to impress.

Top, Top Tip: Research designers BEFORE purchasing. What fabrics do they use? Are they easy to care for? Do they have problems with colour run? Search the DIA directory – elaundry actively contributes to the directory and updates the list with designers that are hard to care for.

Plan B: Email us a photo of your garment from your iphone, and we can check it ourselves in our register!

Plan C: Keep your care labels in a folder for easy refrence later as they are all in the same place along with spare buttons!!! If you have trouble keeping your buttons and threads in order get one of our Organizer to help you stay sane!

Seperate Colours: Blacks, Whites & leave to the professionals!

Buy a third basket! Line it with a water-proof canvas portable laundry bag so that you can simply drop all the hard-to-clean items to us.

Top, Top Tip: ALWAYS separate stained items as they cross-contaminate in the laundry basket. Put each stained item into a plastic bag and tie a knot in it so that you don’t simply throw all your clothes into the washer before assessing the damage!

Be honest about what you did in that garment last night!

Plan C: Hide valuable stained items away from your partner for fear of a massive laundry meltdown OR bring it to us, be clear and honest about what the stain or damage is, and we can clean it to perfection.

Top, Top Tip: Blood, mud, red wine and other stains with “dye” are more difficult to remove the longer you wait. These stains set PERMANENTLY so bring them to elaundry ASAP!

Take care of your machine

Abrasion in your machine is a very real issue and buttons, zip ends, bling, rugby field debris & more can accumulate in your machine drum or basket. These seemingly insignificant items become airborne in the washer and can attack those weak fabrics with no mercy! Think rips in pantyhose, snags in silks, shreds and lint. Clean your washing machine regularly and turn your garments inside out before throwing in the washer.

Top, Top Tip: Make sure your washer is FULL before turning it on. Washing machine contents are meant to rub against each other – that’s how they get clean. If you have all water and no clothes, you have a softer load which equals less cleaning power.

Know your fabrics life expectancy

The textile industry tells us that each fabric has a particular life expectancy, and a fabric’s performance reduces considerably over the years as you clean and wear it, reducing it’s actual value. This is VERY interesting and something to note when purchasing items! What about the first clean? You can expect colour loss and shrinkage of up to on certain fabrics. This in very obvious in towelling and linens.

Top, Top Tip: We can help you understand the first clean if you email us. And if in doubt, leave it to the professionals.

Look out for that rogue white sock

Not only will it turn into rogue grey sock in your dark load, but will leave a coating of fluff on your black clothes that looks something like dandruff. Beware!

Do: Be mindful of your accessories

Abrasive necklaces, bags and belts can snag your fine materials. Be aware of how your accessories move against the fabric you’re wearing to prevent pilling and tearing of delicate fabricss

Do NOT: Use Bleach!

Don’t even buy it unless you’re well-versed in bleach cleaning! It can take just 5 minutes to eat a hole in your favourite white blouse if undiluted. Find out how to use bleach safely here. A great bleach alternative is EcoStore’s Oxygen Whitener which has no bleach in it and still whitens!