elaundry story

brisbane’s best dry-cleaner est. last century

The elaundry story

Toni-Maree chose to upturn the male-dominated, factory-minded machinery of laundries, instead of promoting a glamorous and sophisticated image of a domestic goddess and her team who are here to help you. 

When elaundry was born, it aspired to be Brisbane’s answer to New York-style living. The ultimate New York lifestyle is one where the valet doorman takes care of you and your personal life. Mundane duties are outsourced by the well-heeled so she and he can step out in style.

And so with elaundry we want you to know that you can trust us to know what you need and will simply take care of it! Naturally, over time there has been the opportunity to build up a wonderful team of staff at elaundry. We all take great pride in our business, service and output quality, which is reflected in the loyalty of our valued customers.

Take a browse of our website to discover all of the wonderful services that we have to offer, but if you can’t find what you are looking for then please just ask the lovely ladies in our shops.

“I established elaundry last century to free people from their domestic laundry duties, and give them more time to themselves.”