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Clove Bud Essential Oil


clove bud essential oil

Scent: Powerful, spicy, sweet and warm with a rich and appealing aroma.
Properties: Warming, positive and stimulating. Commonly used to prevent mould growth. Clove Bud Essential Oil. Use: 2 drops in an oil diffuser or oil burner. 1 drop with 10mL of carrier oil for massage.

Fight Mould

mould on garments?

keep your family safe

Keep your clothes dry and free from dangerous mould.

With the cold, wet weather we are getting many calls for dry-cleaning of mouldy, musky clothes coming in. We want to let customers know that the dry-cleaning process kills bacteria and will help restore garments back to their glory No need to discard them to landfill! Bring your items in ASAP as leaving mould on items for a length of time, may damage the fabric. Not to mention harbour dangerous mould spores that are harmful to our family!

Vrindavan Mould Solution Surface Spray 750ml

did you know our Vrindavan Mould solutions is our Best Seller?

natural anti-fungal & mould attacking solution

Vrindavan Natural Anti Fungal & Anti Septic Mould Solution Surface Spray is made with clove essential oil. Removes mould and attacks mould spores. Sanitises bathroom, kitchen, ceilings, walls, doors, blinds, timber, carpet, and clothesLightly spray on the affected area and wipe off with a cloth. Repeat if necessary. Try this natural solution and keep your family safe!

The Monogram Home - Napkin in Natural or Whit

the monogram home

custom embroidery

Here’s how you spoil mum this Mother’s Day, Sunday May 8. Bespoke her gifts with 100% Linen Napkins with custom monogrammed embroidered initials. $48.95. Or customise your BYO gift to make mum smile.

elaudnry specialty

elaundry specialty

We are Brisbane’s only Sensitive Skin Dry-Cleaning, and we specialise in a lot more! Drop-in your leather shoe and bag cleaning, motorcycle helmet and kit cleaning, academic gown cleaning, pet laundry and repair and we even offer fire and water damage services!

elaundry to your door

We are a family business that would like to help your business. Family or otherwise. Ask about our hospital and aged care, commercial contract dry cleaning, office pick up and delivery and fabric test cleaning. Your safety is our business are we are trained in certified infection control.