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We’re Dedicated to Making a Difference

Every year we run a Christmas gift drive for the underprivileged girls at Southside Education, where we encourage our customers and friends to donate some gifts which we then deliver in time for Christmas, along with some of our own presents.

What is Southside?

Southside is an Independent School staffed by a multi-disciplinary team of teachers, counsellors, youth workers, and family workers. Students have the opportunity to improve numeracy and literacy skills or to catch up on work they may have missed at previous schools.

A bus service is provided that collects girls from the park, under the bridge, from friend’s couches and takes them to a lockdown school only at Sunnybank!

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we would love you to help…

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Why Locked Down?

Because the girls’ “exposed to the elements” lives of when living homeless has added serious baggage to their lives this can and does, follow them to school, potentially ruining any effort that they are making.

At Southside all those elements are locked out daily 8:30 am to 3 pm and a warm hive of helping abounds inside (amongst the dreaded maths of course!).

Please help these determined girls from 13 years old find a better way to a safe life loved. If you can help, please do, I would love to hear from you and wish you all a very healthy and happy Merry Christmas!

Toni-Maree and the entire elaundry co. family x x

Dear Toni-Maree,
I am happy to put together a “shoe box” of goodies for one of these girls for Christmas. It is a marvellous idea and I congratulate you for your involvement with this cause.
Kind Regards,