Simple Guides to Easy Stain Removal

Mothers and grandmothers have for generations handed out indispensable tips and tricks on cleaning all manner of things. We love them for it, and so took inspiration from the handing down of these pearls of wisdom.

Below we have brought together our very own breadth of expertise to create for you the font of all knowledge when it comes to removing various stains from fabrics.

Simply click on the culprit of your stain and up will pop the solution to attempting its removal!

Acrylic & Watercolour Paint Adhesive Alcohol Antiperspirant Apple Juice Avocado Beetroot Berries Blacks Bleach Blood Brights Candle & Wax Chewing Gum Chocolate Cigarette Coffee Crayon Curry Delicates Deodorant & Underarm Dry Crocking Dye Egg Enamel Paint Faeces Fake Tan Fat, Oil & Grease Felt Tip Pen Fruit Glue Grass How to Clean Leather Lounge Ink Juice Leather Cleaning Lotion & Ointment Makeup Milk & Cream Mould Mud & Dirt Nail Polish Peanut Butter Perfume Permanent Marker Pillows Sauce Sheets Stickers Sunscreen Sweat & Perspiration Swimwear Underwear Urine Vomit Wasabi White Out Whites Yellowing Yoghurt Zinc

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Homemade Stain Cleaning Solutions

Your one-stop how to in making your own cleaning solutions at home.

Stain Cleaning Solutions

Treating Spot Stains

Here’s an easy guide to removing spot stains with a run down of which treatment to use for which stain.

How to Treat Spot Stains