We Love Laundry!

Our elaundry team of fabric lovers LOVE their tasks and love taking care of your garments with the utmost respect. Get to know some of our awesome team here!

Toni-Maree Bishop

Owner elaundry co.

Started elaundry in 1999 and has laundry woman’s hands to prove it! Ambassador to the Lady Mayoress Community Trust,and proud supporter of Southside Education – educating Brisbane’s underprivileged and homeless girls. Written a small business handbook, soon to be published! Toni-Maree is proud to recognise her adult onset epilepsy.


Company Secretary

Kym has been with us for over 10 years and runs the elaundry administration. She ensures we are as professional a company as is possible with all accreditation, licenses, recognition, training, finance with all invoices issued and paid including our team. Kym’s liaising and firm hand ensures we are Brisbane’s Best Dry-Cleaner – without a doubt!


Service Manager

The forever prankster at elaundry, Michael is always making our laundry ladies smile, or scream, with a few well placed practical jokes. He enjoys organising the Valet run for our 60+ weekly clients and encourages you to contact us if you have any stain questions.
Working at elaundry for: 5+ years.
Favourite task: Solving problems.
Top Laundry Tip: Use a hot wash every once in a while to reduce soap scum build up for a healthy washing machine.


General Manager

Working at elaundry for: A few years - lost count! Been in the dry-cleaner industry for about 25 years...
Favourite task: Stain removal. And having my crew happy and positive.
Top Laundry Tip: Think before you tackle a difficult stain. It will be easier to take it to the experts first.
Super Skill: Stain removal - those stains don't stand a chance when I'm around!


Dry-Cleaner & Delicate's Presser

Robbie likes to keep busy and ensure our customers are happy with the speed and efficiency of his dry-cleaning. He enjoys working with a large team making light, enjoyable work for everyone and love working on wedding dresses, pressing them to the highest possible standard.
Working at elaundry for: 9 years.
Favourite task: Dry-cleaning and stain removal.
Top Laundry Tip: If you have any stain on an item don't touch it - just bring it in to elaundry!
Super Skill: Handling a busy environment and being able to do all the different types of dry-cleaning.


Household Linen Presser

A veteran to elaundry, Kemo is always a smiling and joyful face around the team and works well to provide good team support for the pressing team.
Working at elaundry for: 15 years.
Favourite task: Pressing.
Super Skill: Pressing everything!


Laundry Lady & Customer Service Representative

Our Customer Service Extraordinaire Sim knows each and every one of our regular clients and has a knack for spotting stains on garments. She recommends making sure you check your pockets at home before bringing in your dry-cleaning to make sure you haven't left the work keys or extra money in the hidden pocket seams.

Working at elaundry for: Over 10 years.
Favourite task: Customer service.
Super Skill: A sharp memory and friendly customer service.


Marketing Manager, Trainer and Visual Merchandiser

Gwenni is a professional artist, and creates our print and digital media graphics, trainer and visual merchandiser. In her spare time she coaches life drawing classes and enjoys boxing.


Clayfield Store Manager

From an ironing lady all those years ago Kellie has worked through the years helping our north side clients keep their laundry and household under control. Her knowledge and experience are well received by her clientele and she is always a bubbly and cheery personality in store.

Cameron Bishop

Job Position

Working at elaundry for: Working at elaundry for 16 years.
Favourite Task: Growing the vision.
Top Laundry Tip: Leave it to the ladies… (The elaundry ladies that is!)
Super Skill: Repairs.

Callvm Bishop

Master Engraver at Grand Engrave

Working at elaundry for: Working at elaundry for EVER years.
Favourite task: Helping everyone achieve their goals.
Top Laundry Tip: Abrasion cleans, not chemicals.
Super Skill: Engraving! Driving & Flying; cars, bikes, helicopters…


Valet Driver

Working at elaundry for: A couple of years now!
Favourite task: Making the world a happier snappier place.
Top Laundry Tip: Always read the care instructions of your superhero costume. You can't fight the world's evil in a shrunken or colour run outfit 😉
Super Skill: Rock climbing.


Dressmaker & Shop Assistant

Andrew has a natural talent for alterations and creating garments and his enthusiasm is evident in the fantastic results he achieves for his clients.



Working at elaundry for: 9 months
Favourite task: Dancing
Top Laundry Tip:If you ever damage a clothing item or get a hole in it bring it straight to us so that we can fix it before it gets worse!
Super Skill: Alteration of many different dresses and trousers, regardless of their material.



Working at elaundry for: 6 months.
Favourite task: Serving customers and sewing new creations.
Super Skill: Dressmaking and alterations.


Customer Service Representative

Working at elaundry for: 4 years.
Favourite task: Serving customers at the counter.
Top Laundry Tip: If you get a bad stain on anything please don't try to remove it at home - just bring it to our lovely place for easy removal!
Super Skill: I am happy all the time.


Delicate's Presser & Ironing Lady

One of our most cheerful ironing ladies, Ravi makes it her duty to create a bouncy and lively atmosphere, humming away to her music and bopping along while she presses and irons.
Working at elaundry for: 4 years.
Favourite task: Trying to do the best job possible at elaundry.
Top Laundry Tip: elaundry is your best spot for washing and ironing.
Super Skill: Pressing delicates.


Delicate's & Household Line Presser

Working at elaundry for: 6 years.
Favourite task: Pressing and maintaining friendships at work
Top Laundry Tip: Hard work pays by producing great results.
Super Skill: I can get those stains out no problem!


Pants Presser & Dry-Cleaner

Our top presser for trousers, Preet works diligently to process the 150+ trousers a day that come through our doors.
Working at elaundry for: 8 years.
Favourite task: Being able to give the best service in Brisbane when it comes to quality trouser pressing.
Super Skill: Always delivering the best quality in town.


Household Linen Presser


Ironing & Presser

Working at elaundry for: 2.5 years.
Favourite task: Ironing.
Top Laundry Tip: elaundry provides the best service!
Super Skill: Ironing shirts very fast.



Working at elaundry for: A few months.
Favourite task: Doing all the pressing for BCEC.
Super Skill: I am always punctual and able to work at a fast pace whilst still giving the best quality.


Ironing Lady

Working at elaundry for: 4 months
Favourite task: Ironing!!
Top Laundry Tip: Let us do your shirts for you.
Super Skill: Always trying to do my best.



Working at elaundry for: 2 years.
Favourite task: Pressing for BCEC.
Super Skill: Able to give the best quality, at a fast pace.


Delicates Presser

Favourite task: Making customers happy and doing my job perfectly.
Top Laundry Tip: I always try to make customers happy by making sure stains are removed and I've done a great pressing job.
Super Skill: Wedding dresses.


Dressmaker & Invisible Mender

Yumi's extensive knowledge and fine attention to detail when it comes to invisible repairs and alterations is truly wonderful and we love having her happy and sincere smile in store each week.