our pledge to you

We Love Our Laundry So You Can Too

Our aim is to give the best possible service to all our customers, offering a place in which one can trust that great care will be given to all tasks laundry related.

We have many different facets of service, and can offer a range of laundry and dry cleaning services depending on your requests. Simply let us know how you want your garments cared for, so we can show them special attention.

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Why to use a smaller laundry instead of the BIG guys for guest services

Before we get into details, here’s a  few reasons to join the elaundry client family:

Well, firstly we don’t NUKE your fabrics in harsh chemicals at extremely high temperatures nor mix them with many other hotels goods.

We use gentler cleaning methods so to give you greater longevity for your valuable investment in bed and bathroom items. We care for you as an individual client so you will have reduced lost items to NIL.

Our steam presses are not the heavy sheet press rollers, where they come out hard and the edges misaligned, creased top edge in full view of your clients.

We will work with you to uphold your Hotel’s quality reputation.

Our reputation is at stake too here

A little about us,

Marina our factory manager is an actual qualified Dry-Cleaner and my team are skilled and experienced and really care about what they do.

If you need a certain way for your item to be pressed for example, 3 folds instead of 4 folds to suit your shelves, bags and or systems, we can do that exactly too. This detail is recorded and followed by each shift.

We create a washing machine program precisely for your needs only and do adjust this to get it perfect once we have gotten our hands on your fabrics of course!

Did you know – There needs to be Seasonal adjustments in your programs. This are often ignored by others yet we are fully aware of this as a RETAIL dry-cleaner as most wholesale dry-cleaners and laundries are not! For example, fake tans in summer and alcohol all year round!

We clean and press household, ie sheets for about $2 an item. Remember there is no stock shrinkage now and this extra care takes us time hence the initial per piece price.
Pillow cases are less (60c) )and duvet covers are more ($3.50) Dark items prices may differ on a per item basis.

We Care for the Environment

At elaundry, we pledge to care for the environment and your future earth by minimising water, waste and energy use when taking care of you and your garments. So what are we doing?

  • We offer an earth friendly dry-cleaning alternative using Sensene, which is also kind to sensitive skin;
  • Using eco-friendly, biodegradable plastic bags made from recyclables printed with vegetable ink;
  • Offering eco-friendly washing and cleaning products to aid in environment care;
  • Employing the services of EnviroSolve to create a biodegradable product from our laundry waste;
  • Working in conjuction with the Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre to save 1 million litres of water.

We Take Security Seriously

Our care extends beyond your laundry into every part of your elaundry experience, which is why we take measures to keep the belongings AND information of our clients safe. This means a private P.O.S. system; a mailing list that is not shared; protected banking; and an online payment process secured through Stripe, ensuring full compliance with PCI Data Security Standards.

We Guarantee to Take Responsibility

With each elaundry order you will receive a docket invoice which has the name of the Laundry Lady who served you and our contact details at the top. This Laundry Lady is responsible for your order and satisfaction and will handle any queries you may have. Please keep this docket handy in your wallet or take a photo of it on your smartphone.

We will happily re-do at no charge one further clean on a garment that you are not happy with.  So please don’t be shy, mistakes do happen, just let us know so we can rectify the issue; no matter how big or small you may think it is.

Please check your orders when you collect to save time and frustration if you get home and have a question, it may be too late. Once the dry-cleaning tickets are removed just like a retail garment purchased, and especially after the garment has been worn, we cannot take responsibility for any further stain treatment or cleaning.

We have developed our own system of responsibility and have printed forms at our counters for your information. We love to share our industry knowledge and help everyone understand your fabrics and their capabilities.

What happens when your garment no longer looks fabulous?

We love taking care of your clothing and keeping you dressed to impress. And in order to do this we do our very best to follow the care label instructions to ensure your garments are cleaned to the manufacturer’s specifications. However sometimes when we do clean a garment, due to unforeseen circumstances, the garment may not look or feel as fabulous as before cleaning. Where this occurs we ask for specific information about the garment including age, how many cleans and condition of garment to evaluate the cause of the change and remedy where we can.

If your garment appears significantly different from before cleaning:

Let us know how old the garment is; how many cleans you have done at home or with elaundry; any wear that may have resulted from outside sources like resting arms on counter tops and desks; does your chair at work sometimes catch your clothes; or did you spill soda or coffee and attempt to remove it at work?

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