A Good Cleaners Guide to a Clean House

Here at elaundry we are going to help make it real easy for you this year. elaundry is all about helping you with your cleaning services so have put together a list of tasks, cleaner’s checklist and monthly cleaning schedule. So you’ll not only be prepared for your spring-clean, but set for the year!

We will also make it easier for you again. Come on in to the Elaundry store and drop in your bed doona, pillows and dirty laundry and we can take care of that job for you. Bedding should be dry-cleaned at least once to twice a year, including pillows. This will help to keep fresh and stop you from getting sick and affecting you and your family’s allergies.

If you don’t have the time to come on past our store, our valet pick-up and drop-off service will take care of that for you; bringing your freshly dry-cleaned and ironed clothes and bedding straight to your door.

There’s no better feeling than a freshly cleaned house. So take advantage, grab your checklist and spread the word!

The Ultimate House Cleaner’s Checklist

Cleaning Secret Tips…

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