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Garment Alerts

Stay up to date with any laundry issues that arise with your precious garments. Garment alerts from the DIA, DCCAS, and DLI will make sure you know if your items cannot be cleaned or have other issues during the cleaning process. Click here for more information on Garment Alerts!

Counter System of Cleaning Responsibility

At elaundry we always strive to go that extra mile when it comes to cleaning and repairing your garments. However sometimes due to fabrics condition, it can be a bit risky. Naturally, one of our friendly staff is more than happy to go through the finer details with you and will come up with the best possible way to restore your clothing to its former glory.

There is a national register of garment issues so we may be able to help you by contacting them. Sometimes this may be a recurring issue for this manufacturer, retailer, or designer. They also do not want this to occur and most genuinely try to backtrack any issues so they stop happening! All these businesses have their quality and reputation to maintain.

However, once an action is decided on we may still have the problem of further damage being caused. So we ask that you read our below agreements just so you (the owner) understand your responsibilities of bringing your clothing to elaundry.

We understand fabric does not last forever and this is why we look forward to discussing your clothing and the option for clean or repair in detail.

What happens when your garment no longer looks fabulous?

We love taking care of your clothing and keeping you dressed to impress. And in order to do this, we do our very best to follow the care label instructions to ensure your garments are cleaned to the manufacturer’s specifications. However sometimes when we do clean a garment, due to unforeseen circumstances, the garment may not look or feel as fabulous as before cleaning. Where this occurs we ask for specific information about the garment including age, how many cleans and the condition of the garment to evaluate the cause of the change and remedy where we can.

If your garment appears significantly different from before cleaning:

Let us know how old the garment is; how many cleans you have done at home or with elaundry; any wear that may have resulted from outside sources like resting arms on countertops and desks; does your chair at work sometimes catch your clothes; or did you spill soda or coffee and attempt to remove it at work?

Remember that everyday wear, fragrances, weather and other outside factors all do contribute to changes in your garments. The industry standard for the life of most garments is between 2 to 3 years, with reasonable noticeable fabric change expected to appear after 8 cleans.


Garment Information Form

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