Bed Linen Size Labels (6 pack)


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How often do you get frustrated trying to workout which sheet is for which bed when searching your linen cupboard?

If it’s even half as often as we do then you will absolutely LOVE these bed sheet linen labels. Bed making will always be a breeze once you’ve popped these bed sheet labels onto your bed linen!

These bedding labels will save you time, frustration, and keep your linen cupboard beautifully organised.

Simply sew these linen labels onto the corners of your bed sheets, fitted sheets and doona covers to quickly identify the size of each bed sheet and pull them out easily using the label’s handy loop. The labels are also colour coded for your convenience – which means you don’t have to have your glasses on to read the size!

Linen Label 6 Pack Options:

  • 6x Single Sheet Linen Labels
  • 3x Queen + 3x King Sheet Linen Labels

**BONUS** Sewing of Labels onto Your Sheets is Included! 

The price of these bed linen labels has the bonus of including them being sewn onto your sheets by elaundry. So if you’re nearby to one of our two elaundry Brisbane stores simply pop in with your labels, bed linen and proof of purchase (eg confirmation email) and we will sew them on. How handy is that!

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Product Description

Label Sizes Available: Single, Queen, King

Linen Label 6 Pack Options: 6x Single Sheet Labels OR 3x Queen + 3x King Sheet Labels

Suitable For: Fitted and non-fitted bed sheets, plus duvet (doona) covers, blankets and throws

Additional information

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