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Stain Removal: Red Paint on a Blue Jumper

Our resident stain removal expert has wowed us once again!

Red paint on a blue jumper.

Sounds bad.

Yet Marina managed to work her magic…

Although we see stain removal every day here at elaundry, we never cease to love seeing the exceptional results – as well as the smiles on happy customers’ faces of course!

Marina – our stain remover extraordinaire – was about to tackle a red paint stain on a blue jumper when she decided to film the process so as to be able to share it with all who wished to see.

Her gentle yet knowledgeable approach has proven time and again to be highly effective, with this instance being no different. If you haven’t watched it already we can guarantee that the video above will impress – even if you’re not dry-cleaning obsessives such as us!

If you have a stain on a garment or accessory that you thought would never come out, then why not bring it in to elaundry and we’ll see what Marina can do!

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