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Whether you have embraced the minimalist lifestyle or not, here’s 11 ways to purge your any clothes that don’t bring you joy.

Here’s some ideas you may not have considered!

Shoes For Planet Earth

Shoes For Planet Earth is a non-profit organisation that works with local and international communities and companies to provide reused running shoes to those in need around the world. They have drop-off locations in NSW, VIC and QLD. As well as running shoes (no broken soles or holes please) they’re also happy to accept insoles and spare laces.

The Uniform Exchange

The Uniform Exchange provides a free community website which looks after uniform reuse for every school in Australia. You can list your uniforms on our website for others to purchase, or if you are willing to donate them just put them up free of charge.

Salvation Army and Red Cross

For Salvation Army and Red Cross, check drop shop off requirements.  Gently cared clothes can to be resold for a fraction of the price for those in need. If clothes are stained beyond repair, opt to make into rags rather than clog up goodwill shops.

Join a Swap and Sell Facebook Page

Check out local community pages in your area to find your nearest drop off, swap or sell for your children’s uniforms.

Kidney Health Australia

Recycle your unwanted clothing and help us make a difference!

Kidney Health Australia’s recycled clothing programs play an important part in our fundraising efforts. You can support the environment and support us in a number of ways.

Uplift Bras

Uplift Bras collects new and second-hand bras and sends them to women in the developing world. A bra is often unobtainable or unaffordable. In 2011, bras were sent to the Philippines, Vanuatu, Fiji and the Northern Territory. Uplift Bras have drop-off collection points in all state/territories in Australia

Donate to Dress for Success

‘What would you wear to a job interview? That is exactly the type of clothing we are looking for to distribute to our clients. Your fabulous suits and other professional apparel could furnish another woman with the confidence to enter or return to the workplace, make a great first impression and land a job that could change her life.

Additionally, many of our clients go directly to an interview, so please ensure that all items donated are in good, clean condition and suitable for wearing to job interviews. ‘

Donate to the Animal Shelter

Check with your local RSPCA or Wildlife Carer and see if you can help with any blankets, towels, gloves and any items carers may need to see our wildlife cared for until their release.

Donate to Homeless Shelters

Call ahead and see exactly what is required to make a real impact in someone’s life.

Giveaway Hand-Me-Downs

Call out to friends and family for a swap day/night, where everyone can swap or giveaway unwanted clothes. Don’t just assume they want your pre-loved items as they might be purging themselves.

Turn Used Clothing Into Rags

If you have ever tried to polish something, you soon realise there is almost no better than the trusty ‘t-shirt’ rag. Depending on what you have polished, you may even be able to wash your rags and re-used again to avoid landfill.

What is NACRO? The National Association of Charitable Recycling Organisations ensures that all the collected goods and proceeds are used exclusively for their welfare programs.

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