Vrindavan Mould Solution Surface Spray 750ml


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Vrindavan mould solution surface spray removes mould and sanitises bathrooms, kitchens, ceilings, walls, doors, blinds, timber, carpet and even clothes!

Made in Australia with pure clove essential oil to safely and naturally kill mould spores without the toxic fumes of bleach and chlorine. Removes mould and attacks mould spores.


How To Use: Lightly spray on affected area. Wipe off with cloth and repeat if necessary. For persistent mould leave for 24 hours. For carpets leave for 24 hours and vacuum.

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Vrindavan Natural Anti Fungal & Anti Septic Mould Solution Surface Spray is made with clove essential oil. Removes mould and attacks mould spores. Ingredients: Water, solubiliser (vegetable derived), a blend of essential oils.

  • HARD SURFACES – Clean surface with a mixture of hot water, bicarb of soda and vinegar. Lightly mist on Vrindavan Mould solution. Leave for 20 minutes and wipe off. (It will take 24-48 hours for the mould spores to dry and drop off)
  • CLOTHES, SHOES AND LINEN – Hang affected item outside in sunlight. Brush off mould spores. Spray the affected area lightly with this mould solution

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