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the secret to effective spot stain removal

Making spot stains disappear doesn’t have to involve a whole lot of scrubbing!

When nasty spot stains occur on a piece of clothing, cushion, or rug, who hasn’t had the immediate reaction to run it under warm water or start scrubbing with a soapy cloth?! But lo and behold, although it might work for some stains, what do you do when that spot just won’t budge?

The secret to spot stain removal isn’t just to jump into action straight away. Nor is it – as any expert will tell you – about using fancy cleaning solutions that cost a fortune. The trick to removing stains is all about adjusting what you do depending on the stain itself.

It’s nowhere near as tricky as it may sound, especially if you have a handy spot stain removal guide to hand to help.

Homemade Cleaning Solutions for Stain Removal

The best place to start when it comes to getting rid of spot stains is to have a little stash of homemade cleaning solutions so that they are ready for use as soon as a spillage happens. Easy to mix up yourself at home, some solutions are chemical-free so that you can be safe in the knowledge that there are no nasties being used, especially if you prefer to use only natural cleaning products within your house.

Here for a Printable Version of Our Top 5 Homemade Cleaning Solutions

Shop list to make stain removal solutions

Buy any of the items you may need from elaundry or places like bunnings or other hardware stores.

  • cool tap water
  • spray bottle
  • detergent solution
  • aerosol freezing spray
  • zip bags
  • white vinegar
  • nail polish remover – acetone t
  • alocohol isopropyl
  • rust remover:
  • mineral turpentine
  • ammonia: 
  • disinfectant (must be clear, do not use bleach instead!!!): 
  • baking soda (and bicarbonate of soda is the same thing)
  • white spirit, dry-cleaning fluid
How to Remove Stains

Once you’ve got your homemade cleaning solutions at the ready, it’s time to learn how to use them!

But it’s not just the cleaning solutions that are handy to have around, some spot stain treatments can simply use easy steps such as chilling with ice cubes.

The best thing to do is to print out a copy of our Top 15 Spot Stain Treatments and How to Use Them and have it stashed away in your cleaning cupboard for when spot stain removal is needed!

Click Here for a Printable Version of 15 Types of Stain Treatments and How to Used Them